Welcome Humans…To My Blog!


My name is Maren Hancock and I’ve been writing about popular music and gender, race and class since the mid-1990s. Yet, it’s somehow taken me until 2015 to start a blog. Perhaps the reason is because I’m also a DJ, recording artist, entrepreneur, and academic, or perhaps it’s due to my mad procrastination problems. Who knows?

The main impetus to create a blog comes from my current situation. I’m writing a dissertation on female DJs in Canada under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Jenson, and along the way I’ve interviewed and surveyed over 150 female DJs to date. I have been so inspired and enamoured with these discussions that I wanted to have a forum to share some of my previous research on female DJs, as well as my forthcoming findings. I will share some random stuff too, because I like to write just for the hell of it.

The title of my blog is a play upon the Public Enemy song “My Uzi Weighs a Ton” and the Peanut Butter Wolf LP My Vinyl Weighs a Ton. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with (my) implication that being female involves having a heavy vagina, or any kind of vagina at all even; however, it does speak to me about how my gender often carries way too much weight in DJ cultures and DJ workplaces across Canada.

Comments are shares are welcome, and thank you for visiting!


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