Random DJ Musings: Music & Love


One of my first loves, whom I met at the end of high school and who still means very much to me, used to refer to me as “all-repetition-radio”, because I wanted to hear the same song over and over again in the car. To be clear, over the course of our two-year boom-and-bust relationship there were several different “same songs”, some that he had turned me on to, and some that I had heard on college radio or in a club. I would fixate on a song and want to hear it on repeat for at least a few weeks; for example, the Sugarcubes’ “Hit”, or the Stone Roses’ “Fool’s Gold”, or basically half of The Pixies’ 80s/90s catalogue.

Now I realize that having that affliction was natural for a DJ – the ability to hear, and moreover, to even desire hearing, the same song night after night, for weeks, months, years, decades even, and yet still, each time you drop it, and see the faces and bodies react in ecstasy, it’s like you’re hearing it for the first time. And that’s love. That’s true, everlasting love. That kind of love sustains you in this career. You know?


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